Bad English Abroad – Part 2

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For all of you who enjoyed Bad English Abroad, Part 1, it is with great pleasure that I present to you Part 2! Taken again across the spectacular Land of Smiles, enjoy this next collection of blissfully terrible English.

bad English abroad

Hide yo’ kids, wide yo’ wife… hide yo’ auntie and grandmomma too. Better yet, just stay inside. This is some seriously sneaky thievery!

bad English abroad
Photo courtesty of one of my very best vagabond friends, Katty! Check her out on Instagram @kattyjustdance 🙂

Who knew exercising highway safety could be so sexy?

bad English abroad

True words of wisdom, courtesy of Brother Tree.

bad English abroad

I think I’ll stick with the tonic water… I’ve been trying to watch my protein intake lately.

bad English abroad

“Yes, I’ll take the #17… extra K.Y. please.”

bad English abroad

11 pieces of quality crap for only 70 baht ($2!). What a bargain!

bad English abroad

And one more from Brother Tree; to compare, one must see that 2 things are, indeed, different.

bad English abroad

Broooooooo, you gotta try the wine. It’s legit.

bad English abroad

Ow ow! Bombay Restaurant is so very available, polite, and not spicy. If only their food reflected their incredibly positive menu.

bad English abroad

This was on the back of a schoolboy’s shirt in a neighborhood 7-11. Portrayed are all of his classmates’ names.

Anus. No, no.. it’s Anus Milk. My mistake.

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  1. OMG, I’m giggling at the cock part. Can’t help! 😛

    My roommate was a Thai and one time she made me a tom yam soup when I got sick, and she was like, “But Marya, when I put Meki, it became salty…”

    I couldn’t help but laugh because Meki in my mother tongue is a slang word for vagina, when it turned out she meant Maggi the seasoning brand. I indeed love Thai accent because of this. 😀

    • Hahaha that is too funny! ? Inconsistencies between languages have provided me more laughs than almost anything else in all my time abroad!

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