Coral Island – The Best Snorkeling in Malaysia

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Looking for the best underwater views in all of Malaysia? Look no further than Coral Island! Coral island is a very small, unpopulated island off the coast of the larger Tioman Island on the east side of Malaysia.

Looking for guesthouses in Tioman Island? I highly recommend Cheers Chalet (just 2 minutes walk to the beach) or Tioman Cabana (right on the beach!).

(Note: All filming was done with a GoPro Hero 5 and I highly recommend it. It’s now much cheaper as the Hero 7 just came out!)

Coral Island Tioman Malaysia

Coral Island Tioman Malaysia

Coral Island Tioman Malaysia

Coral Island Tioman Malaysia

Corals here are in amazingly healthy shape, and as a result, a crazy amount of fish populate the waters here. The main reef area is protected by a long outcropping of rock perpendicular to the beach, making for crystal-clear visibility on a sunny day.

Coral Island Tioman Malaysia

Coral Island Tioman Malaysia

Coral Island Tioman Malaysia

Coral Island Tioman Malaysia

Massive schools of fish pick their way through the corals, and small pairs move together at a relaxed pace. Floating on the surface, it’s all too easy to become a part of it yourself.

As you can see, this is an absolute sanctuary for clownfish! Countless anemones house these curious creatures, who are more than happy to swim right up into your face non-stop. Overall, it is easy to see why this truly stunning underwater paradise is simply not to be missed! Check out a live preview for yourself below 😉 (courtesy of my Facebook page)

Day trips to the island can be arranged through most guesthouses and the normal price is 300 RM minimum base price for up to 4 people, 350 RM for 5 people, and up from there. The trip I went on lasted a good 6 hours, and the island itself is not more than 10-15 minutes away from Tioman. Boats leave from the Tekek Jetty, so if you are coming from any other part of the island, expect to pay for a taxi boat or a 4×4 over the mountain from Juara Beach.

Trying to figure out how to get to Tioman Island? Check out my very detailed guide here!

VD’s Guesthouse Recommendations in Tioman Island (jumping-off point to Coral Island)

Trouble viewing on mobile? Turn your phone to the side 😉

Cheers Chalet


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 Tioman Cabana Bed and Breakfast


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  1. Hello VD! I’m from India and planning a 5 day trip to Tioman Island in mid-July 2018. I want to do diving at Tioman Island and snorkelling at Coral Island – but I am a beginner in both! I have no idea how to handle snorkeling equipment. So are there good services with instructors for snorkelling at Coral Island? Any leads would be most helpful.

    • Hey Manjari! Thanks for your comment. I highly recommend you contact Tioman Cabana (one of my guesthouse recommendations) as they run their own dive shop and also do their own snorkeling tours, as well! They can be reached at 013.717.6677 (WHATSAPP) or by e-mail at You can also check out their website here: If you decide to book accommodation with them, I would very much appreciate if you could use the link on this page, as I do receive a small commission from it and every little bit helps to keep my site running! 😉 Many thanks and I hope you enjoy your trip! ~ Vagabond Disposition

      • Thanks for the lead VD! I’ll let you know when I make the booking, and be rest assured that if I stay at Tioman Cabana I will use the link on your page only. Cheers!

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