About Me

My name is Craig O’Brien; and my spirit is one of vagabond disposition.

Growing up in sunny Florida, I became entranced with the sea at a very young age. The beauty of its rolling waves and puffy sea foam crests always amazed me, and long were the days when I would swim and play in the surf until sunset. Its vastness astounded me, and by the age of twelve, the world and its infinite boundaries became something of total fascination. I remember scanning for hours on end the maps and globes at my school library, sounding out countless city names and capitals, my imagination alive with what these far-away destinations must be like.

That awe of our planet endured through my teenage years and into my young-adult life, bringing me to many foreign shores. I’ve trekked through the lush rainforests of Costa Rica and scaled the cliffs of Machu Picchu in Peru. I’ve dined with lively company in one of the biggest festivals of southern Spain, and strolled through the magnificent halls of the German Parliament. My most recent endeavor brought me to Thailand; the throbbing heart of Southeast Asia, where I remained for two years working as an English teacher, and would eventually return.


My time in the Land of Smiles led me all over the country from top to bottom by train, bus, car and plane. I made humble abodes in the remote, rice-planting villages of the Northeast, the bustling capital of Bangkok, and the sun-scorched cities of the South. After wandering through Cambodia and the Philippines, and returning briefly to Florida, I ventured to the arid, desert paradise of Cabo San Lucas in Mexico to teach for awhile before returning to Thailand.

koh lipe
Longboat life in Koh Lipe

After a long tour through Europe last summer, I am currently back in my favorite island paradise of Phuket, continuing to write and teaching English online by video chat to students in China.

Aside from writing, my other passions are freediving and music. I play piano, drums, bass guitar, trombone, and ukulele, and am always up for a jam. Additional pastimes include driving motorcycles, playing disc golf, lazing on the beach, and of course, examining Google maps for hours on end! I love a strong glass of spirits or a Belgian beer with laid back company.


Keep pondering; keep wandering.


  1. Loving your stories and your writing Craig. Be well, be safe!

  2. You’ve been on my mind, so I thought I’d pop in and say hello.

  3. ?Hey Craig ~ Just like Aunt Lisa, I’m popping in to say “hello”!!?
    ?Cheers? Safe travels? Love, Aunt Francie☘️

    • Hey Aunt Francie! Haha, thank you! More to come 😉

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